Episode 73 - The Six Month Trap

Are you tired of the same old training routines that never deliver lasting results?  Well then this episode is for YOU!  This week, the NERDS are tackling the infamous "six-month trap" – a vicious cycle that keeps organizations stuck in a loop of ineffective training. In this episode, Scott and Dan unveil the secrets behind this common pitfall and provide practical strategies to break free from its clutches. They're joined by the talented Zeta Gardner, who brings her unique perspective and expertise to the conversation. Together, they'll challenge conventional thinking, inspire change, and empower you to create impactful training solutions.

Join the Nerds as they explore:

1️⃣ The six-month trap and why it keeps organizations stuck

2️⃣ Strategies to break free from the cycle of ineffective training

3️⃣ The importance of continual improvement in learning and development

4️⃣ Unleashing the true potential of training by going beyond the checkbox

5️⃣ Real-life success stories and lessons learned from industry experts


Don't miss this captivating episode packed with valuable insights, practical tips, and a healthy dose of nerdiness. The Fabulous Learning Nerds are here to help you transform your training approach and unlock the full potential of your organization. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of growth, improvement, and, most importantly, impactful learning!


If you would like to participate in the discussion, please email us at nerds@thelearningnerds.com

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Episode 73 - The Six Month Trap