Episode 74 - Aligning on Alignment featuring Montgomery Brown

This week the NERDS are aligning on the important topic of… Alignment!  Get ready to dive deep into the world of alignment and discover why it's crucial for successful learning experiences. Join our lively discussion as we explore the importance of alignment in the workplace, from simple day-to-day interactions to major company goals. Our expert guest, Montgomery Brown, brings his wealth of knowledge and experience in learning and development to shed light on the significance of alignment for individuals and organizations.

Montgomery Brown is an accomplished learning professional with a passion for driving alignment and maximizing impact. With years of expertise in the field, he has successfully navigated the challenges of stakeholder collaboration and brought clarity to the ID (Instructional Design) process. Montgomery's insights and practical advice will inspire you to rethink how alignment can elevate your learning initiatives and create a seamless end-user experience.

In  this episode as we unravel the two definitions of alignment: position of agreement and alliance. We'll explore the complexities of alignment beyond your immediate team and delve into the necessity of mutual understanding with non-ID stakeholders. Discover how clear alignment can prevent misunderstandings, enhance productivity, and foster collaboration. We'll even touch on the concept of using rubrics as a tool for measuring success and ensuring alignment between stakeholders and learning professionals. So get ready for an enlightening exploration of alignment's impact and unlock the keys to a truly aligned learning experience.

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Episode 74 - Aligning on Alignment featuring Montgomery Brown