Episode 83 - Employee Engagement in LND

Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Fabulous Learning Nerds! πŸ€“ In today's episode, we delve deep into the captivating realm of Employee Engagement in Learning and Development. Join us as we explore the dynamic interplay between learning and keeping your team engaged, a critical topic in today's fast-evolving work landscape.

πŸ”‘ Key Takeaways:

  • Quizzes vs. Reflections: Scott and Dan engage in a riveting discussion about the effectiveness of standalone quizzes as a learning modality. Does a daily quiz truly spark learning and change behavior? Learn the nuances between closed-ended and open-ended questions and their role in employee engagement.

  • The Power of the "Why": The nerds underscore the significance of clearly communicating the "why" within organizations. Discover how Learning and Development experts can help align employees with the company's purpose and how such clarity fosters engagement.

  • Accountability and Follow-up: The conversation expands to accountability and follow-up after training or communications. We unveil the secrets to ensuring the desired change sticks, even in the face of resistance and the comfort of routine.

Tune in, buckle up, and let the Fabulous Learning Nerds guide you through the intricate web of employee engagement and learning. Together, we'll uncover the keys to creating lasting change within your organization. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and share to help others find their way into the conversation! πŸŽ™οΈπŸ§ βœ¨

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Episode 83 - Employee Engagement in LND