Episode 85 - Journey to Keynoting featuring Kassy LaBorie

Get ready for an exhilarating episode with the Fabulous Learning Nerds as they delve into the fascinating world of keynoting in Learning and Development. This week's guest, the incredible Kassy LaBorie, takes center stage to share her inspiring journey and insights into the power of connection in the digital landscape. So get ready for an amazing episode as The Nerds unlock the secrets to impactful keynoting and revolutionize your perspective on remote connections!


πŸš€ Show Highlights:

  1. The Inspiration Behind the Journey: Join Scott and the Nerds as they explore Kassy's remarkable journey into keynoting. Discover the pivotal moments that led her to this exciting path and how her background in theater and training shaped her perspective.
  2. Unveiling the Keynote Experience: Kassy shares her experience of crafting a compelling keynote speech, offering a glimpse into the challenges, self-reflection, and growth involved in transitioning from a technical trainer to a visionary keynote speaker.
  3. The Big Idea - Irresistibly Remote: Learn about Kassy's thought-provoking keynote topic, "Irresistibly Remote: The Power of Connection, One Online Meeting at a Time." Uncover the importance of viewing online interactions as equal to, or even better than, in-person connections.
πŸ”‘ Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace vulnerability and challenge yourself outside your comfort zone.
  • Shift the mindset: Online interactions can be as powerful as in-person connections.
  • Focus on being helpful rather than perfect when delivering a keynote.

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Episode 85 - Journey to Keynoting featuring Kassy LaBorie