Episode 87 - Systems Thinking featuring Gregory Hamluk

In this Spirited episode of "The Fabulous Learning Nerds," we delve into the dynamic world of Systems Thinking in learning and development. Join us as we welcome our special guest, Gregory Hamluk, an esteemed Director of Learning and Development at Hubbell Incorporated. With a rich background in strategic enterprise planning and creating impactful HR operations, Gregory shares his insights on how Systems Thinking can revolutionize organizational learning and performance.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Systems Thinking in L&D: Understand how a systems approach can lead to more effective learning interventions and improved organizational performance.
  2. Beyond Traditional Training: Explore how learning and development extend beyond conventional training methods to include broader, more systemic thinking.
  3. The Five Cs Framework: Gain insights into the five Cs - curiosity, clarity, compassion, choice, and courage - and their role in shaping effective L&D strategies.

This episode promises to be a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in enhancing their understanding of Systems Thinking and its application in the realm of learning and development. Join us and discover how to leverage this approach to unlock your organization's full potential.


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Episode 87 - Systems Thinking featuring Gregory Hamluk