Episode 93 - Organizational Capacity featuring Allison Rodman

Join us on the Fabulous Learning Nerds as we dive into the topic of Organizational Capacity with our special guest, Allison Rodman. Allison Rodman, the driving force behind The Learning Loop, specializes in coaching individuals and organizations to leverage their time effectively and create impactful professional learning experiences. With a background that spans across various educational roles, Allison aims to make learning an ongoing journey that strengthens individual and organizational capacity. Allison shares her insights on moving from traditional professional development to dynamic, personalized learning environments. Explore the balance between self-efficacy and collective efficacy, the impact of meaningful gamification, and the essential practices for nurturing a growth-focused organizational culture. This episode is a must-listen for educators, leaders, and anyone interested in fostering continuous learning within their organization.


Key Takeaways:
The significance of transforming professional learning to cater to adult learning needs, emphasizing personalization and real-world application.

Strategies for enhancing organizational capacity by fostering a culture of continuous learning and development among educators and staff.

The role of leadership in cultivating environments that prioritize collective efficacy and sustained improvement through reflective practices and meaningful engagement.

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Episode 93 - Organizational Capacity featuring Allison Rodman