Episode 94 - My Learning Journey featuring John Hardy

Join us in our latest episode "My Learning Journey" featuring the insightful John Hardy, a global business leader with a decade of experience spanning various domains including People Experience, Learning and Development, Culture, and Operations. John shares his profound insights on his journey through the realms of Learning and Development (L&D), shedding light on the essence of serving others and fostering growth.

In this engaging conversation, John unravels the secret sauce of L&D, emphasizing the paramount importance of serving individuals and
fostering their development. From his humble beginnings in the nonprofit sector to his thriving career in the corporate world, John's journey is a testament to the transformative power of learning and leadership.

Key Takeaways:

Serve to Grow: Discover how the ethos of service drives personal and professional development, shaping impactful L&D initiatives. 

Learners are Learners: Explore the universality of adult learning principles and the significance of tailoring learning experiences to individual needs. 

Leadership Matters: Unpack the role of leaders as catalysts for organizational growth, and the imperative of cultivating effective leadership in the L&D landscape.

Tune in as we delve into the intersection of faith, personal growth, and professional development, and glean invaluable insights from John's
enriching journey.

If you would like to connect with John, you can do so here: 

Twitter - @johnhardy_

Tiktok  - @johnhardyy

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Episode 94 - My Learning Journey featuring John Hardy