Episode 84 - Clarity in Leadership Featuring Jared Ramler

Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Fabulous Learning Nerds! πŸš€ This week, we've got a powerhouse of insights as we delve into the realm of "Clarity in Leadership" with the extraordinary Jared Ramler. Jared, a seasoned professional in Learning and Development, takes us on a journey through his unconventional path into corporate L&D, spanning over 13 years. With a Ph.D. originally aimed at academia, Jared shares his unexpected transition into the corporate world and the invaluable lessons learned along the way.


πŸŽ™οΈ Episode Highlights:

  1. Navigating the Unexpected Career Forks: Jared shares the pivotal moments that led him to the corporate world, emphasizing the role of mentors and peers in his learning journey.
  2. Targeted Development for Career Growth: Explore the benefits of systematic career development and coaching, drawing parallels with Olympic athletes and their coaches.
  3. Leadership, Coaching, and Talent Development: Unpack the interconnected nature of coaching and leadership development, addressing the challenges of accidental managers and the trauma they may unknowingly inflict.

πŸš€ Key Takeaways:

  • Coaching isn't a band-aid; it's talent development.
  • Leadership requires a structured, measured approach to growth.
  • Give yourself permission to lead and seek guidance when needed.

Tune in now for a conversation that transcends conventional wisdom and propels you toward professional and personal growth. 🌟


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Episode 84 - Clarity in Leadership Featuring Jared Ramler